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Happy Life Academy

Online school dedicated to: 
Creating a world where young people wake up HAPPY...

Happy Life Academy
April 2020
  • ​Are you a parent, teacher or leader?
  • ​Are your kids being affected by the school closure?
  • ​Are you looking for ways to positively engage them?
If your answer is "YES" to any of these questions, then you you need 
               Happy Life Academy
                    -Online school-

My name is Jackson, 
Action Jackson and I have spent 20 years delivering motivational sessions for kids in schools across the UK. 
We have reached more than 
1.6 Millions young people making a significant difference in their lives.

It has been beautiful seeing so many of them develop into inspiring adults and achieve their goals, particularly in a world where young people have increasing pressures.
With the current pandemic, our young people's education has been affected, with more time on their hands, they are susceptible to social media, gaming and Netflix and more...
  •  There are 3 core challenges parents are facing right now:
  • 1. How to engage their kids...
  • 2. How to educate their kids .. 
  • 3. How to keep them entertained.
I've been creating online content for young people for 20 years now and I know the kind of content that will ENGAGE , ENTERTAIN & EMPOWER them...
When they join 
Happy Life Academy
they will ...
  • Feel inspired to manage their mind and time effectively .
  • ​ Develop a better sense of self 
  • Learn life skills that schools don't teach 
  •  Develop ways to stay happy in difficult situations
About "Action" Jackson Ogunyemi
Action Jackson is  a motivational speaker and a life coach who has worked with a vast range of people, from students, management teams of major corporations to individuals from different walks of life. 

Action Jackson has taken himself to a place where he is known as an expert in motivation and personal development, called upon by companies like Morgan Stanley, the NHS, Local Education Authorities, schools and colleges, he has assisted thousands of young people to achieve their goals and live their Dreams, his seminars are described as “mind blowing”, “entertaining” and “life changing”.

Action Jackson has worked with people from, UAEItaly , Spain,Germany, United states, and Africa transforming lives with LOVE TRUTH and PASSION. From workshop with 7 attendees to a nationwide audience of 200,000+ Action Jackson is not stopping until he creates a world where young people wake up happy and go to bed fulfilled. 
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